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Our team includes ASE-certified technicians with years of experience in providing professional, courteous diagnostic, inspection, and repair services for a wide range of cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and other vehicles. For everything from tune-ups to transmission rebuilds, oil changes to overhauls, Friendship Auto Service is the perfect service center for your vehicle.


It’s no secret that roads in Pennsylvania, in particular some in the Capitol Region, aren’t in the best condition. Pennsylvania winters are among the chief contributor to potholes, which in turn are among the major contributors to misalignment. Uneven tire tread and rapid wear are two indications that your car or truck is out of alignment. Our fully computerized wheel alignment service can help optimize your vehicle’s alignment, in turn improving fuel efficiency, providing better driving control, enhancing safety, and maximizing the life of your tires.


Your vehicle won’t get far without a reliable battery. Arguably the core of the entire electrical system, the battery provides the needed power to start your vehicle. The Pennsylvania climate ensures that your car’s battery endures a wide range of conditions, from subzero temperatures to those in excess of a hundred degrees! We offer battery testing, replacement, and disposal services. When the time for a replacement comes – and it will, all batteries eventually fail – we carry batteries for all makes and models, from the most basic budget options to those rated for the most extreme conditions with the longest guarantees.


While it won’t make your car any faster – quite the opposite! – or help with gas mileage or driving comfort, a well-maintained brake system keeps you and your family safe. These complex systems use friction material, a master cylinder, boosters, drums and shoes (or rotors and pads), wheel cylinders or calipers, in addition to hydraulics, valves, hoses, springs, steel lines, and in some cases computers: professional service is essential. Fortunately, our ASE-certified technicians fit the bill. Warning lights, a misbehaving pedal, strange smells or sounds, and pulling when the brakes are applied are all good indicators it’s time to see us.

Diagnostics & Troubleshooting2019-07-18T13:27:18-05:00

A funny sound that doesn’t make you laugh. A peculiar smell just after you park. A tendency to stall while idling. A check engine light that, no matter what you do, who you take it to, just keeps coming back. A suspicious puddle in your parking spot after you leave it. Some things don’t fit neatly into any particular category at a glance, especially if you’re not an auto service professional. We’re here to help. From minor issues to serious concerns, our certified technicians draw on a wealth of experience and proper usage of computer diagnostics to pinpoint the problem and fix it right the first time, every time.


From preventative maintenance and tune-ups to repairs and complete rebuilds: Friendship Auto Service can do it all. We stock plugs, filters, hoses, lines, and belts for all common makes and models. Anything we don’t stock is a phone call and cross-town delivery away, thanks to our partnerships with local parts providers. Computer diagnostics, coupled with the know-how of ASE-certified technicians with years of experience, help us track down your problems quickly and efficiently. No matter the problem, we’re able to provide the solution, from a quick tune-up to an entire rebuild.

Heating & Air Conditioning2019-07-15T11:36:49-05:00

While not absolutely essential to performance or safety, your car or truck’s air conditioning and heating are absolutely vital to comfort. Additionally, malfunctioning heating or cooling can indicate deeper problems with key parts of your engine’s cooling system: the water pump, radiator, thermostat, various hoses and belts, electrical components, and more. Because problems with heating and cooling can indicate bigger problems, we recommend scheduling an appointment at the first sign of problems. We can diagnose and repair your engine’s cooling system before a costly overheat.


Not only are annual safety and emissions inspections required by Pennsylvania law, they’re a good idea. A Cambridge study analyzing the state inspection system over forty (40) years concluded that the program helps avert 114 crashes and 127 deaths annually. Further, the study found that financial investment of the inspection actually benefits owners. A qualified inspection station can find emerging problems before they become major: this helps keep you safe and our air clean while saving you money. We’re a certified safety and emissions inspection station, and our technicians can perform any needed repairs.


We recommend regular oil changes. That’s the long and short of it: if you don’t follow this best practice, not only is your car or truck’s performance impacted, lowering fuel efficiency and performance, but you run the risk of eventually causing much greater – and more expensive – damage to your engine. With that in mind though, if you notice a leak when you back out of your parking spot, it’s definitely time to schedule an appointment. Thanks to our extensive stock of oils (traditional, synthetic, and synthetic blends) and filters, we can get your vehicle into the shop, the oil changed, and you back on the road in no time.

Steering & Suspension2019-07-15T11:38:25-05:00
These systems keep you in control of your car or truck. Signs of problems include leaking fluids, leaning or swaying in turns, a bumpy or shaky ride, uneven tire wear, excessive bouncing on bumps or after hitting a pothole, a noticeable change in balance when braking, or steering that makes noise or feels stiff. Our ASE-certified technicians can perform full analysis of your vehicle’s suspension and steering systems, along with associated repairs and replacement of shocks or struts. Properly maintained, your vehicle offers better control, shorter braking distance, improved handling, and a more comfortable ride.

As the points of contact between your car or truck and the road, your tires contribute to safety, performance, and overall reliability. If your tires fail the penny test, exhibit irregular wear patterns, show sidewall cracks, vibrate excessively, bulge, or blister, then it’s time to see us. We offer fully computerized alignment and balancing, in addition to tire repairs, rotations, preventative services, and of course tire replacement. The good news is, we carry the most common sizes from the most popular manufacturers, and we partnered with local providers to quickly obtain anything you specifically want that we don’t stock.


Humming, buzzing, whining, grinding: sounds like these coming from under the hood can indicate transmission problems. More serious issues can lead to slippage or failure, with serious safety concerns. General checkups and maintenance, along with a transmission drain and fill, can significantly improve performance and extend life. In partnership with Siegel Distributing, we offer a preventative drain and fill, with guarantee, for qualifying vehicles. Finally, if the worst happens despite your best efforts, our certified technicians have the necessary space, tools, and training to completely rebuild or replace your manual, automatic, or CVT transmission.

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Our community values are a key part of who we are – but good intentions don’t do the job alone. Friendship Auto Service is a licensed PA Inspection Station, employs ASE certified technicians, and is a member of recognized vehicle service organizations. Further, we’ve partnered with suppliers whose dedication to excellence matches our own. Together, these initiatives provide you with the best parts, the best service, the best peace of mind.